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Mailchimp signup field for userforms using mailchimp v3 API

v2.0.1 2017-07-14 08:39 UTC

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Mailchimp signup field for userforms

(Screenshot is out of date)

First install using composer composer require webfox/silverstripe-userforms-mailchimp

Then add your API key (and proxy details if required) to your config.yml

  api_key: '...'
  proxy: false
  proxy_port: 8080
  proxy_ssl: true
  proxy_user: 'username'
  proxy_password: 'password'

Next up add the "EditableMailchimpSubscribeField" field to your form.

If you haven't already add three fields - "Email", "First Name", "Last Name" (name them whatever you want they just need to exist).

Now click show options on the "EditableMailchimpSubscribeField". Select the list you wish to subscribe users to Select the Email Field Select the First Name Field Select the Last Name Field

Save and publish and laugh away.

In the submission and submission email there are three possible values that should be pretty obvious what they are doing:

  • Subscribed
  • No
  • Failed (Error Message)