Helper selector for better selection for content elements in Neos CMS

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2.0.2 2020-12-16 08:36 UTC


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By adding WebExcess.Label:Show to your NodeType configuration, a helper selector will be added to the backend for better selecting a content element.

before after
before after

Compatibility and Maintenance

WebExcess.Label is currently being maintained for Neos 4.0 and Neos 5.0.

Neos Version WebExcess.Label Version Maintained
Neos 5.x 2.x YES
Neos 4.x 1.x YES


composer require webexcess/label

How to use

Add WebExcess.Label:Show to your NodeType configuration.

    WebExcess.Label:Show: true

Default CSS

You can turn off the default CSS by setting WebExcess.Label.includeCss to false in your configuration.