FedEx shipping modifier for BurnBright's Shop Module

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Last update: 2024-05-29 01:59:14 UTC


FedEx shipping modifier for BurnBright's Shop Module that provides a quote for the order being shipped through FedEx. Note that you must have each shippable project with dimentions and weights for the quote to be accurate.

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If you prefer you may also install using composer:

composer require webbuilders-group/silverstripe-shop-fedex-shipping


To use this modifier you must add the FedExShippingModifer class to your shop configuration.

        - "FedExShippingModifier"

You then need to apply for credentials to access the FedEx api, you can do this via their developer portal. You need to set your credentials you will receive from the portal in your site's config.yml.

    test_mode: true #Places the endpoint in test mode, for live set this to false
    test_api_key: "YOUR_TEST_API_KEY"
    test_api_password: "YOUR_TEST_API_PASSWORD"
    test_account_number: "YOUR_TEST_ACCOUNT_NUMBER"
    test_meter_number: "YOUR_TEST_METER_NUMBER"
    api_key: "YOUR_LIVE_API_KEY"
    api_password: "YOUR_LIVE_API_PASSWORD"
    account_number: "YOUR_LIVE_ACCOUNT_NUMBER"
    meter_number: "YOUR_LIVE_METER_NUMBER"
    origin_address: "ADDR" #Shipper's address
    origin_address_line2: "ADDR_LINE_2" #Second line of the shipper's address (optional)
    origin_city: "CITY" #Shipper's city
    origin_state_province_code: "STATE" #Your 2 character state/province code for the shipper's address
    origin_postal_code: "ZIP_POSTAL" #Shipper's postal code/zip code
    origin_country_code: "COUNTRY" #Your 2 character country code for the shipper's address
    service_type: "FEDEX_GROUND" #The service type you want to retrieve quotes for, see bellow for more information
    default_charge: 0 #Default amount to charge for shipping should the api return an invalid response

For the service_type configuration option you need to pick from one of the service types bellow.

  • FEDEX_GROUND: FedEx Ground
  • EUROPE_FIRST_INTERNATIONAL_PRIORITY: Europe First International Priority
  • FEDEX_1_DAY_FREIGHT: FedEx 1 Day Freight
  • FEDEX_2_DAY: FedEx 2 Day
  • FEDEX_2_DAY_AM: FedEx 2 Day AM
  • FEDEX_2_DAY_FREIGHT: FedEx 2 Day Freight
  • FEDEX_3_DAY_FREIGHT: FedEx 3 DAY Freight
  • FEDEX_DISTANCE_DEFERRED: FedEx Distance Deferred
  • FEDEX_EXPRESS_SAVER: FedEx Express Saver
  • FEDEX_FIRST_FREIGHT: FedEx First Freight
  • FEDEX_FREIGHT_ECONOMY: FedEx Freight Economy
  • FEDEX_FREIGHT_PRIORITY: FedEx Freight Priority
  • FEDEX_NEXT_DAY_AFTERNOON: FedEx Next Day Afternoon
  • FEDEX_NEXT_DAY_EARLY_MORNING: FedEx Next Day Early Morning
  • FEDEX_NEXT_DAY_END_OF_DAY: FedEx Next Day End of Day
  • FEDEX_NEXT_DAY_FREIGHT: FedEx Next Day Freight
  • FEDEX_NEXT_DAY_MID_MORNING: FedEx Next Day Mid Morning
  • FIRST_OVERNIGHT: First Overnight
  • GROUND_HOME_DELIVERY: Ground Home Delivery
  • INTERNATIONAL_ECONOMY: International Economy
  • INTERNATIONAL_ECONOMY_FREIGHT: International Economy Freight
  • INTERNATIONAL_FIRST: International First
  • INTERNATIONAL_PRIORITY: International Priority
  • INTERNATIONAL_PRIORITY_FREIGHT: International Priority Freight
  • PRIORITY_OVERNIGHT: Priority Overnight
  • SAME_DAY: Same Day
  • SAME_DAY_CITY: Same Day City
  • SMART_POST: Smart Post
  • STANDARD_OVERNIGHT: Standard Overnight