Wraps gridfield adding support for using it on the front-end.

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0.2.0 2014-12-13 18:36 UTC


Wraps gridfield adding support for using it on the front-end of a site.

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  • SilverStripe Framework 3.1.x+



Instead of using the GridField class you need to use FrontEndGridField for use on the front-end, note it is not recommended to be used in the CMS. As well instead of using the GridFieldConfig extensions provided with SilverStripe use FrontEndGridFieldConfig_Base, FrontEndGridFieldConfig_RecordEditor, FrontEndGridFieldConfig_RecordViewer, or FrontEndGridFieldConfig_RelationEditor. If you are building your own GridField config ensure that you use FrontEndGridFieldDetailForm instead of GridFieldDetailForm.