symfony1 plugin for Scout APM

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dev-main 2021-11-19 01:46 UTC


A symfony1 plugin to instrument web requests, CLI tasks, and Doctrine queries in a symfony1 application.

MIT License phpstan

More details on Scout APM can be found on their website, docs, and scout-apm-php readme.


  1. Install plugin via composer
  composer require waytohealth/scout-apm-plugin

Note: This will install the plugin at plugins/scoutApmPlugin (not in vendor/ as is typically the case with composer dependencies). You may need to adjust your gitignore accordingly.

  1. Enable the plugin in project configuration:
class ProjectConfiguration extends sfProjectConfiguration
  public function setup()
    // Add the below line:
  1. Set up environment variables, as documented in the Scout APM PHP docs.
SCOUT_NAME="Your application (production)"

The exact mechanism will depend on your deployment environment. In our application, we use vlucas/phpdotenv to make variables in .env files available to getenv(). If your deployment environment doesn't natively support environment variables, either install a library such as vlucas/phpdotenv or open a PR to this repo enabling configuration of ScoutAPM using \Scoutapm\Config::fromArray.

Built and used by

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