A PHP client for hypernova. https://github.com/airbnb/hypernova

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PHP client for your Hypernova service.

Why Hypernova?

The broader question tends to be "how do I Server-Side Render my React app?" You may have this as a business requirement (e.g. SEO) or just want to give users the fastest initial render possible.

Assuming you have a PHP backend (why are you here, otherwise?), generally you will want to stand up a node.js service to do the rendering for you. You could try phpv8js but I believe it is contraindicated for production use at any scale. That's just my opinion, do your own research 😁

So then - write your own node.js service, or use one off the shelf. Writing your own node.js service isn't terrifically hard - you could reasonably stand up a thing that would render react components for you in ~20 lines of code. We personally went with hypernova because it's lightweight, pluggable (see the plugin system), performant (see the clever bytecode caching in createVM), and has nice client-side fallback behavior in case the service has issues.

Getting Started

composer require wayfair/hypernova-php

Make a Renderer:

use \WF\Hypernova\Renderer;

$renderer = new Renderer('http://localhost:3030/batch');

Give it some work:

$renderer->addJob('myViewId', ['name' => 'my_module_name', 'data' => ['some' => ['props']]]);

Optionally add a plugin or two (see plugin section):


Then go get your rendered Response:

$response = $renderer->render();

echo $response->results['myViewId']->html;

Plugin API

This is how you customize client behavior. Common usecases include:

  • Logging request metadata like performance timings
  • Error logging
  • Injecting/removing props
  • Inlining stack traces in development environments
  • Stopping requests to the service entirely, letting everything fall back to client rendering

Generally, you will want to implement some subset of the lifecycle hooks; maybe you want onError handling but have no need for shouldSendRequest. For developer convenience, you may extend \WF\Hypernova\Plugin\BasePlugin which provides no-op implementations of all of the hooks.

See the js client docs for full descriptions of the available hooks.


Fork it, submit a PR.

Run tests:

composer test