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See time as color.

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Get time as a hexadecimal color, like the color clock.

For example, 10:10:10 AM will have a hex value of #101010.


Easy, use Composer! If you're yet to be enlightened by dependency management or like a challenge, copy the code in manually.

composer require "watson/colortime"


Create a new instance and pass in the DateTime instance you want to use, or use the factory to get an instance for right now.

// Using a specific time.
$datTime = DateTime::createFromFormat('H:i:s', '10:10:10');

$colorTime = new \Watson\ColorTime\ColorTime($dateTime);

// Using the current time (you could also pass a DateTime instance to the factory if you so desired).
$colorTime = \Watson\ColorTime\ColorTime::make();

To get the time as a hex value, simply call the hex() method.

$hex = $colorTime->hex(); // '#101010'


If you'd rather spell colour correctly, simply subclass the ColorTime instance into your own application and use that instead.

This is just a joke, don't do this. Unless you want to, in which case feel free.

class ColourTime extends \Watson\ColorTime\ColorTime {}