Simple image editor for resizing, cropping, making collages and other elementary actions with images.

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Imagery supports:

  • resizing
  • cropping
  • flipping and rotating
  • making collages
  • applying filters and effects

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  1. Installation
  2. API


  • Composer package:
  composer require wapmorgan/imagery



use Imagery\Imagery;


Create new Imagery object:

  • $image = Imagery::open($filename); - from a file.
  • $image = Imagery::create($width, $height); - new image
  • $image = new Imagery(imagecreatefrombmp('image.bmp')); - from a resource


  • public function save($filename, $quality = 75, $format = null) - saves image to disk. Quality is an integer value between 0 (worst) and 100 (best). Default is 75. Quality is applicable only to JPEG, PNG, WEBP. If $format can not be determined by filename extension, specifcy it explicitly.

Formats supports:

Operation Formats
Opening jpeg, png, gif, bmp, wbmp, xbm, xpm, webp (php >= 7.1.0)
Saving jpeg, png, gif, bmp, wbmp, xbm, webp (php >= 7.1.0)


  • $image->width - width of image
  • $image->height - height of image
  • $image->resource - original gd-resource of image (you can use it with gd-functions)

Resize && Zoom

  • public function resize(int $width, int $height) - resizes an image to $width X $height
  • public function zoomWidthTo(int $size) - changes proportionally image width to $size
  • public function zoomHeightTo(int $size) - changes proportionally image height to $size
  • public function zoomMaxSide(int $size) - zoomes proportionally larger side to $size, if needed


  • public function crop($x, $y, $x2, $y2) - cuts a rectangular piece of image
  • public function decreaseSide($side, int $size) - deletes a piece of image from specific side. For example, if $side=top and $size=100, 100px from top will be deleted.

Rotation && Mirroring

  • public function rotate($angle, $bgColor = 0) - rotates an image. True equals 90°, False equals -90°.
  • public function flip($horizontally = true) - flips an image horizontally or vertically.


  • public function appendImageTo($side, Imagery $appendix, int $modifiers) - appends an image ($appendix) to current image at $side (top|bottom|left|right). Modifiers:

    • Imagery::ZOOM_IF_LARGER - appendix' height will be zoomed (not resized) if it's larger than current image's one (when appending to left or right side); appendix' width will be zoomed (not resized) if it's larger than current image's one (when appending to top or bottom side);
  • public function placeImageAt($x, $y, Imagery $image) - places an image atop current image at $x X $y.

  • public function placeImageAtCenter(Imagery $image) - places an image in the center of current image.


  • public function filter($filter) - applies grayscale or negate filter. Pass Imagery::FILTER_NEGATE or Imagery::FILTER_GRAYSCALE as $filter.


    Original -> Grayscale


    Original -> Negate

  • public function changeContrast($newValue) - changes contrast of image. New values can be in range from 100 (max contrast) to -100 (min contrast), 0 means no change.

    Original -> Negate

  • public function changeBrightness($newValue) - changes brightness of image. New values can be in range from 255 (max brightness) to -255 (min brightness), 0 means no change.

    Original -> Negate

  • public function colorize($red, $green, $blue, $alpha = 127) - changes colors of image. Colors ($red, $green, $blue) can be in range from 255 to -255. $alpha from 127 to 0.

    Original -> Negate

  • public function blur($method) - blurs an image. Method can be Imagery::GAUSSIAN_BLUR or Imagery::SELECTIVE_BLUR.

    Original -> Negate

  • public function smooth($level) - smooths an image. Level of smoothness can be in range from 0 to 8. 8 is un-smooth.

    Original -> Negate

  • public function pixelate($blockSize = 5, $useModernEffect = true) - pixelates an image. $blockSize is size of pixel block.

    Original -> Negate


There's a tools class: Imagery/Tools.

  • static public function pHash(Imagery $image, $sizes = array(8, 8))

    Calculates Perceptual hash of image.