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PHP wrapper for the pdftoppm command which is part of poppler-utils.

The Pdftoppm is a library that handles conversion of PDF files to images. It is available on variety of systems.

Available packages: http://pkgs.org/download/poppler-utils


use Wb\PdfToPpm\PdfToPpm;
$pdfToPpm = PdfToPpm::create();
// $result is an instance of \FilesystemIterator
$result1 = $pdfToPpm->convertPdf('path/to/pdf');
$result2 = $pdfToPpm->convertPdf('path/to/pdf', 'path/to/other/destination/dir/then/tmp');

// Save as png
$result3 = $pdfToPpm->convertPdf('path/to/pdf', 'path/to/other/destination/dir/then/tmp', true);

// Set specific resolution
$result4 = $pdfToPpm->convertPdf('path/to/pdf', 'path/to/other/destination/dir/then/tmp', true, 300);


cp phpunit.xml.dist phpunit.xml

Change the phpunit.xml env binary directive if necessary.

composer install
php vendor/bin/phpunit