php 5.6+ implementation of the Dutch BIG Register SOAP interface

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This is a lightweight implementation of the BIG register Soap interface.. A mapping of all the Soap types is provided.


Start by installing composer. Then, install this library:

$ php composer.phar require "waarneembemiddeling/bigregister-soap"


PHP >=5.6.0 and ext-soap


Most users will be satisfied by using the Service class provided. The service class parses the response into php arrays and transforms all ids into readable values.

Perform a search with the service

// Will return only one or none result
$service = new Wb\BigRegister\SoapClient\Service();

Search by name and city

// Will return only one or none result
$service = new Wb\BigRegister\SoapClient\Service();
print_r($service->findByLastnameAndCity('Janssen', 'Amsterdam'));

Usage of the Client

For power users who just want to use the raw unaltered response we offer the possibility to use the Client. Creating a new instance is as simple as:


$client = new \Wb\BigRegister\SoapClient\Client();

Perform a search with the client

Search on a number:


$client = new \Wb\BigRegister\SoapClient\Client();
$request = new \Wb\BigRegister\SoapClient\Model\ListHcpApproxRequest();
$request->RegistrationNumber = '123';
$response = $client->ListHcpApprox4($request);

// dump the response

Overriding the constructor of the native SoapClient

We're using the native php SoapClient. If you want to change the WSDL (f.e. if you want to use the demo environment) or want to override the options in order to debug the client you can do so:


$wsdl = 'http://host.tld/myWsdl';
$options = array(
    'trace' => true
$client = new \Wb\BigRegister\SoapClient\Client($wsdl, $options);

For more information about the native client check php.net.