Provide an easy way to run code asynchronously for Yii2 application

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About it

An extension provide an easy way to run code asynchronous and parallel base on spatie/async wrapper for Yii2 application.



Require Yii2 Async using Composer:

composer require vxm/yii2-async



Add the component to your application configure file:

    'components' => [
        'async' => [
            'class' => 'vxm\async\Async',
            'appConfigFile' => '@app/config/async.php' // optional when you need to use yii feature in async process.

Because async code run in difference process you need to setup yii environment to use components via property appConfigFile. Example of an async app config file:

define('YII_ENV', 'dev');
define('YII_DEBUG', true);

return [
    'id' => 'async-app',
    'basePath' => __DIR__,
    'runtimePath' => __DIR__ . '/runtime',
    'aliases' => [
        '@frontend' => dirname(__DIR__, 2) . '/frontend',
        '@backend' => dirname(__DIR__, 2) . '/backend'

Make sure all of your aliases define in it to support an autoload.

Run async code

After add it to application components, now you can run an async code:

Yii::$app->async->run(function() {
     // do a thing.

Async events

When creating asynchronous processes, you can add the following event hooks on a process in the second parameter.

Yii::$app->async->run(function() {

    if (rand(1, 2) === 1) {
        throw new \YourException;
    return 123;
}, [
    'success' => function ($result) {
        echo $result; // 123
    'catch' => function (\YourException $exception) {
        // catch only \YourException
    'error' => function() {
        // catch all exceptions
    'timeout' => function() {
        // call when task timeout default's 15s

Wait process

Sometime you need to wait a code executed, just call wait() after run():

Yii::$app->async->run(function() {
    // do a thing.

Or you can wait multi tasks executed:

Yii::$app->async->run([YourAsyncClass::class, 'handleA']);
Yii::$app->async->run([YourAsyncClass::class, 'handleD']);
Yii::$app->async->run([YourAsyncClass::class, 'handleC']);
Yii::$app->async->run([YourAsyncClass::class, 'handleD']);

$results = Yii::$app->async->wait(); // results return from tasks above.

Working with task

Besides using closures, you can also work with a Task. A Task is useful in situations where you need more setup work in the child process.

The Task class makes this easier to do.

use vxm\async\Task;

class MyTask extends Task

    public $productId;

    public function run()
        // Do the real work here.

// Do task async use like an anonymous above.

Yii::$app->async->run(new MyTask([
    'productId' => 123