Repository Generator For Laravel 5

v1.1.3 2016-04-15 04:35 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-04-22 22:46:12 UTC


This package offer the possibility to generate repository based on the give model.


Via Composer

$ composer require vtalbot/repository-generator --dev

Edit your AppServiceProvider to add the following to the register method:

    if ($this->app->environment() == 'local') {

Then execute the command:

$ php artisan vendor:publish  --provider="VTalbot\RepositoryGenerator\RepositoryGeneratorServiceProvider" --tag=config

Edit config/repository.php to your needs.

Usage (based on default config values)

To create a simple repository:

$ php artisan make:repository User
Repository created:
> App\Repositories\UserRepository

To have a contract with the repository:

$ php artisan make:repository User --contract
Repository created:
> App\Repositories\DbUserRepository
> App\Repositories\Contracts\UserRepository

By default, the repository will have the methods: all, find, create, update and delete. You can Change the methods that will be added by using the options --only=all,find or --except=all,find. If you want a plain repository, use the option --plain.

A suffix is by default added to the repository, based on the config file. To change this value, you can provide the option --suffix=Repo. There is an option for the prefix when using the option --contract, by providing the option --prefix=Ab, which by default is Db.

If you want to change the name of the repository, you can use the option --name=Users to replace the model name and suffix.

$ php artisan make:repository User --name=Users --contract
Repository created:
> App\Repositories\DbUsers
> App\Repositories\Contracts\Users

If you want to automatically load the generated repositories, execute the following command:

$ php artisan make:repository:service

It accept a name argument to define the name you want and a --namespace option if your providers aren't inside the default app/Providers.



  • Fix newly created classes code style.


  • Add support for Laravel 5.2.


  • Fix class reflection test order.


  • Add repository service provider to load generated repositories with contract.