Get a simple data structure from your php code.

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❤ Simple PHP Code Parser

You can simply scan a string, a file or a full directory and you can see a simple data structure from your php code.

  • Classes (PHPClass)
  • Class Properties (PHPProperties)
  • Class Constants (PHPConst)
  • Class Methods (PHPMethod)
  • Functions (PHPFunction)
  • Function / Method Parameter (PHPParameter)

This code is forked from JetBrains/phpstorm-stubs but you can't use the classes from "phpstorm-stubs" directly, because they are in a test namespace and the autoloader is "autoload-dev", so here is a extended version with support for ondrejmirtes/BetterReflection.

We will use:

  • "PHP-Parser"
  • "BetterReflection"
  • "phpDocumentor"
  • "psalm" (currently only for phpdocs)

Install via "composer require"

composer require --dev voku/simple-php-code-parser

Quick Start

Parse a string:

$code = '
namespace voku\tests;
class SimpleClass {}
$obja = new class() {};
$objb = new class {};
class AnotherClass {}
$phpCode = \voku\SimplePhpParser\Parsers\PhpCodeParser::getFromString($code);
$phpClasses = $phpCode->getClasses();

var_dump($phpClasses['voku\tests\SimpleClass']); // "PHPClass"-object

Parse one file:

$phpCode = \voku\SimplePhpParser\Parsers\PhpCodeParser::getPhpFiles(__DIR__ . '/Dummy.php');
$phpClasses = $phpCode->getClasses();

var_dump($phpClasses[Dummy::class]); // "PHPClass"-object

var_dump($phpClasses[Dummy::class]->methods); // "PHPMethod[]"-objects

var_dump($phpClasses[Dummy::class]->methods['withoutPhpDocParam']); // "PHPMethod"-object

var_dump($phpClasses[Dummy::class]->methods['withoutPhpDocParam']->parameters); // "PHPParameter[]"-objects

var_dump($phpClasses[Dummy::class]->methods['withoutPhpDocParam']->parameters['useRandInt']); // "PHPParameter"-object

var_dump($phpClasses[Dummy::class]->methods['withoutPhpDocParam']->parameters['useRandInt']->type); // "bool"

Parse many files:

$phpCode = \voku\SimplePhpParser\Parsers\PhpCodeParser::getPhpFiles(__DIR__ . '/src');
$phpClasses = $phpCode->getClasses();

var_dump($phpClasses[Dummy::class]); // "PHPClass"-object

Check types:

$code = '<?php
namespace voku\tests;
class SimpleClass {
    public $foo;
    public int $foo1;
    private $foo2;

$phpCodeErrors = \voku\SimplePhpParser\Parsers\PhpCodeChecker::checkFromString($code, ['public']);

var_dump($phpCodeErrors); // ['missing property type for voku\tests\SimpleClass->$foo']

"phar" build

php ~/Downloads/box.phar compile --debug


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For professional support please contact me.


  • Thanks to GitHub (Microsoft) for hosting the code and a good infrastructure including Issues-Managment, etc.
  • Thanks to IntelliJ as they make the best IDEs for PHP and they gave me an open source license for PhpStorm!
  • Thanks to Travis CI for being the most awesome, easiest continous integration tool out there!
  • Thanks to StyleCI for the simple but powerfull code style check.
  • Thanks to PHPStan && Psalm for really great Static analysis tools and for discover bugs in the code!