Geoip module for zend framework application to store Record. It utilize maxmind database and API

1.1.0 2014-05-31 19:10 UTC




My project demands on detecting and storing accessed IP data.
So I found geoip/geoip package. And everything else is to store it.
The best way is serialize or create record in DB. The second way with Doctrine 2 is very slow as appeared in my experience.

###Why not geoip2/geoip2 or MaxMind-DB-Reader-php with .mmdb Really? It contains wished class Record for serialization already but: As experiment showed:

  • Record Object has all Country name translations what I do with internalization library.
  • Record Object is too huge so Its serialization take too long string.
  • It much SLOWLY then geoip1 with sqlite db. In 2-3 times. (Tested on about 2500 IPs)

So I decided to create alternate Record object that will utilize fast geoip sqlite db and fit to
now-day Object using. It easily can be extended to Doctrine Entity or Document.

##How to install Install it by composer.

    "require": {
        "vnagara/geoip-module": "1.*"

Download geoip sql DB to data/GeoLiteCity.dat or set another path in configuration file.
On linux with wget you can use this command (inside project root):

    wget -O - | gzip -dc > data/GeoLiteCity.dat

In application.config.php enable GeoipModule module.

##New methods:

  1. In view helpers: geoipRecord($ipAddress) will return GeoipRecord.
  2. There is new service geoip. So in controller it is accessible by:
    /** @var \GeoipModule\Service\Geoip */
    $geoip = $this->getServiceLocator()->get('geoip');

    /** @var \GeoipModule\Object\Record */
    $recordOfSomeIpAddress = $geoip->find('');
    $city = $recordOfSomeIpAddress->getCity();  // Chicago

    // The same:
    $recordOfSomeIpAddress = $geoip->lookup('');

    // To use ip from $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']
    $record = $geoip->find();

##Doctrine ORM Template of Entity with annotation lays by path: src/GeoipModule/Entity/Record.php