Allows you to specify options to be asked for via questions using the Symfony console component.

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Compatibility / Requirements

  • PHP 5.5.9 and above
  • symfony/console ^2.8|^3.0


composer require vivait/symfony-console-promptable-options


Configure the promptable options in the configure() method of your command.

You can call the $this->addPrompt(string $optionName, array $configuration = []) fluently with the other options to add a prompt for a single option.

Alternatively, call $this->addPrompts(array $options = []) fluently with the other options to add prompts for multiple options at the same time by providing a key value array of option names and their desired configurations. This does not over-write any previously added prompts, it adds them on to the options. Here's an example of adding multiple prompts:

    protected function configure()
                    'name', // No configuration provided - uses defaults
                    'age' => ['type' => 'int', 'required' => true]

Once configured, access options using $this->getConsoleOptionInput(string $optionName).

The table below shows how it acts in various situations:

Option marked as promptable Option not promptable
Option supplied via --optionName=value The value of --optionName=value will be returned The value of --optionName=value will be returned
Option not supplied via --optionName=value The option will be asked for via an interactive question null will be returned

Non-interactive commands:

If you run a command that has promptable options that are not supplied via --optionName=value then an \Exception will be thrown with the message: "Cannot prompt for optionName, command is running in non-interactive mode"

Example command:


use Symfony\Component\Console\Command\Command;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputInterface;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputOption;
use Symfony\Component\Console\Output\OutputInterface;
use Vivait\PromptableOptions\Command\PromptableOptionsTrait;

class PromptableCommand extends Command

    use PromptableOptionsTrait;

    protected function configure()
                ['description' => 'Your name', 'required' => true]
            ) // add a single thing to be prompted, which has a type or 'string' by default
            ->addPrompt('age', ['type' => 'int', 'description' => 'Your age', 'required' => true])
            ->addPrompt('occupation', ['type' => 'string', 'description' => 'Your occupation', 'required' => true])
            ->setDescription('To demonstrate the use of promptable input options');
        // alternatively:
                    'name'       => ['description' => 'Your name', 'required' => true],
                    'age'        => ['type' => 'int', 'description' => 'Your age', 'required' => true],
                    'occupation' => ['description' => 'Your occupation', 'required' => true]
            ) // add multiple things to be prompted
            ->setDescription('To demonstrate the use of promptable input options');

     * {@inheritdoc}
    protected function execute(InputInterface $input, OutputInterface $output)
        $this->setUpPrompt($input, $output);

        $name = $this->getConsoleOptionInput('name');
        $output->writeln(sprintf('Hello %s!', $name));

        $age = $this->getConsoleOptionInput('age');

        if ($age) {
            $output->writeln(sprintf('You are %s years old', $age));
        $occupation = $this->getConsoleOptionInput('occupation');
        $output->writeln(sprintf('You are a %s!', $occupation));


When no options are specified - promptable options are asked for, and non-promptable options are still optional:

No options specified

When some options are specified - promptable options are asked for:

Some options specified

When all options are specified - nothing is prompted for input:

Some options specified

When some options are not specified and the command is run with --no-interaction - when an option not specified is asked for, the command errors:

Some options specified

Option configuration

The following configuration options are available per option:

Configuration value Description Allowed values
type The type of value to be expected (input will be transformed) int, integer, float, bool, boolean, string (written as strings)
description The description for the option/the text to be displayed when asking for the option anything
required Whether or not the option is required. If it's set to true, then a value MUST be entered and they will be prompted until one is provided. If set to false, a default value will be used if set, or null will be returned as their input. true or false (as boolean)
default The default value to use if one is not provided (if not required) anything


This started as a project internally that we used on some of our projects, if there's new features / ideas you think could be useful please feel free to suggest them, or submit a PR!

Although this project is small, openness and inclusivity are taken seriously. To that end the following code of conduct has been adopted.

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