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An extension that outputs system information as JSON

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This extension will provide several system information via an endpoint. In the client-server model context it represents the server.


  1. composer require visuellverstehen/t3view
  2. Open up the extension manager in the TYPO3 backend and active the extension.
  3. Add a secret to the extension settings to protect the endpoint.
  4. The endpoint is then available through /index.php?type=5996&secret=yoursecret


The endpoint is usally /index.php?type=5996 and secured with a hash / secret which is generated while creating a new instance in the backend. It will return a JSON object containing several system information, take a look at the example output below. The endpoint can be rewritten via RealURL, but it's not mandatory.

Since TYPO3 9.5 LTS it is also possible to add Route Enhancer in your site configuration which removes the need of RealURL. Example:

    type: PageType
      t3view.json: 5996

The endpoint is then available under /t3view.json?secret=yoursecret


The endpoint is secured with a 60 character hash called secret. It is generated while creating a new instance in the backend using Laravel's \Illuminate\Hashing\BcryptHasher::make() method (learn more about Laravel hashing) which uses the PHP password_hash() function with the CRYPT_BLOWFISH algorithm.

Example output

        "applicationContext": "Development",
        "composer": true,
        "databaseVersion": "MySQL 5.7.19",
        "extensions": [
                "key": "sourceopt",
                "version": "1.0.0"
                "key": "t3view",
                "version": "1.0.0"
        "phpVersion": "7.1.10",
        "serverSoftware": "Apache\/2.4.25 (Unix) PHP\/7.1.10",
        "sitename": "Test setup",
        "typo3Version": "8.7.8"


  • TYPO3 6.2 – 9.5
  • PHP >= 5.6


  • Read code comments, they will explain a lot.
  • Contributing is welcomed, just open a pull request or help us with an issue.
  • This was part of my graduation project.