Internalization module for automatic adding of translations to database

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Internalization module for Yii2

Internalization module for automatic adding of translations to database.

Based on Zelenin I18N module.

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Install package

Run command

composer require vintage/yii2-i18n

or add

"vintage/yii2-i18n": "~1.1"

to the require section of your composer.json.


  1. Configure I18N component in common part of your application
'components' => [
    'i18n' => [
        'class' => vintage\i18n\components\I18N::className(),
        'languages' => ['ru-RU', 'de-DE', 'it-IT'],
    // ...
  1. Configure module in backend part of your application
'modules' => [
	'i18n' => vintage\i18n\Module::className(),
	// ...
  1. Applying migrations
./yii migrate --migrationPath=@vintage/i18n/migrations


Go to for translating of messages.

PHP to database import

If you have an old project with PHP-based i18n you may migrate to DbSource via console.

Run command

./yii i18n/import @common/messages

where @common/messages is path to app translations

Database to PHP export

Run command

./yii i18n/export @vintage/i18n/messages vintage/i18n

where @vintage/i18n/messages is path to app translations and vintage/i18n is translations category in DB.

Using yii category with database

Import translations from PHP files

./yii i18n/import @yii/messages

Configure I18N component

'components' => [
    'i18n' => [
        'class'=> vintage\i18n\components\I18N::className(),
        'languages' => ['ru-RU', 'de-DE', 'it-IT'],
        'translations' => [
            'yii' => [
                'class' => yii\i18n\DbMessageSource::className()


Cache will be updates automaticly if you updates translations in dashboard.

If you using \yii\caching\FileCache your config should be like following

// common/config/main.php
`components` => [
    // ...
    'i18n' => [
        'class'=> vintage\i18n\components\I18N::className(),
        'languages' => ['ru-RU', 'de-DE', 'it-IT'],
        'enableCaching' => true,
        'cache' => 'i18nCache',
    'i18nCache' => [
        'class' => \yii\caching\FileCache::className(),
        'cachePath' => '@frontend/runtime/cache',


Component uses yii\i18n\MissingTranslationEvent for auto-add of missing translations to database.

Read more about I18N in official guide.



This project is released under the terms of the BSD-3-Clause license.

Copyright (c) 2017, Vintage Web Production