Fractal helpers for Laravel 5

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Fractal lets you present API data in a consistent way, by acting as an anti-corruption layer between your frontend and backend.

Read up on Fractal here.


Require this package

composer require vice/laravel-fractal

And then add the following to the service providers in app.php



To send a JSON representation of a single entity to the frontend simply

public function show($id)

    fractalResponse()->item($thing, new ThingTransformer);

To send a JSON representation of a collection of entities to the frontend simply

public function index()

    fractalResponse()->collection($things, new ThingTransformer);

The collection method also supports paginators, and will automatically append their state under a meta key

If you need to transform data without immediately using it in a response you may inject Vice\LaravelFractal\FractalService into your controller / class and use it as so:

$json = $this->fractalService->item($thing, new ThingTransformer)->toJson();


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