Magento 2 sitemap.xml generator for VueStorefront

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This modules generates a sitemap xml (via cron job, everyday at 00:00) for VueStorefront projects that are integrated with Magento 2. Also adds a cli command bin/magento vsf:sitemap:generate to manually generate a sitemap. VueStorefront uses a special url structure, based on Magento 2 data:

Example category URL structure:

Example product URL structure:

Example VueStorefront 1.9 category URL structure:

Example VueStorefront 1.9 product URL structure:


Magento 2.2 Magento 2.3


composer require vendic/magento2-vuestorefront-xmlsitemap

Go to system configuration:

Stores > Configuration > Vendic > VueStorefront

And set your Vuestorefront homepage url.


Tjitse Efde


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.

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