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PHP dependency injection / factory.


Via Composer

$ composer require vakata/di


namespace test;

$di = new \vakata\di\Container();

interface I { }
class A implements I {}
class B {
    public function __construct(I $instance) { }
class C {
    public function __construct($firstParam, $secondParam) { }
    public function test($arg = 1) { return 1; }

// this will register class A, and an alias I for class A as the class implements that interface
$di->instance('\test\B'); // a B instance is created

// when registering you can prevent interfaces being added as aliases as adding the aliases manually
$di->register('\test\B', ['aliasedB']);

// you can also pass default constructor params, which can be named
$di->register('\test\C', null, ['secondParam' => 1, 2]);
$di->instance('\test\C'); // this will invoke \test\C::__construct(2,1);
$di->instance('\test\C', [2,4]); // this will invoke \test\C::__construct(2,4);

// you can also register instances:
$d = new D();
$di->register($d); // this is the same as \test\D

// you can also make sure that there is only one instance of a given class
$di->register('\some\class', ['aliases'], [/* default params */], true);

// aside from register and instance there is an invoke method
$di->invoke('\test\C', 'sum'); // returns 1

// you can also pass in arguments
$di->invoke('\test\C', 'sum', [2]); // returns 2

// and even constructor parameters
$di->invoke('\test\C', 'sum', [2], [5,6]);

// invoke works with instances too
$c1 = new C();
$di->invoke($c1, 'sum'); // returns 1


$ composer test


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