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First, you need to import the library

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';
use uwim\Uwim;
  1. Generate a mnemonic phrase

    $mnemonic = Uwim::GenerateMnemonic();

    To generate public, private keys or addresses from a mnemonic phrase, you can use a ready-made mnemonic phrase.

  2. Generating a Seed string from the mnemonic phrase

    $seed = Uwim::SeedFromMnemonic($mnemonic);
  3. Generating a secret key from a Seed string or mnemonic phrase

    $secret_key = Uwim::SecretKeyFromSeed($seed);
    $secret_key = Uwim::SecretKeyFromMnemonic($mnemonic);
  4. Generation of a public key from a secret one or mnemonic phrase

    $public_key = Uwim::PublicKeyFromSecretKey($secret_key);
    $public_key = Uwim::PublicKeyFromMnemonic($mnemonic);
  5. A user address generation from a public key or mnemonic phrase

    You can use a public key, or a mnemonic phrase to generate an address. You must also specify one of the three available prefixes. If you specify any other prefix, the function will return an error

    5.1 Generating an address with a prefix "uw" - user wallet address

    uw_address = Uwim::AddressFromPublicKey($public_key, Uwim::UW_ADDRESS_PREFIX);
    $uw_address = Uwim::AddressFromMnemonic($mnemonic, Uwim::UW_ADDRESS_PREFIX);

    5.2 Generating an address with the "sc" prefix - smart contract address

    $sc_address = Uwim::AddressFromPublicKey($public_key, UWIM::SC_ADDRESS_PREFIX);
    $sc_address = Uwim::AddressFromMnemonic($mnemonic, UWIM::SC_ADDRESS_PREFIX);

    5.3 Generating an address with the "nd" prefix - the address of the node

    $nd_address = Uwim::AddressFromPublicKey($public_key, UWIM::ND_ADDRESS_PREFIX);
    $nd_address = Uwim::AddressFromMnemonic($mnemonic, UWIM::ND_ADDRESS_PREFIX);
  6. Receiving a RAW transaction line for sending to the blockchain API

    In order to generate a RAW transaction line, you need to specify the following data as:
    Mnemonic phrase (the sender of the transaction);
    Sender address (must be generated from a mnemonic phrase or be suitable for it);
    Address of the recipient;
    The number of coins you want to transfer (for some transaction types or transaction subtypes, the number of coins may be zero early);
    Address of the recipient;
    The designation of the token whose coins you want to transfer (for example: "uwm");
    Transaction subtype (for example: "default_transaction");
    Transaction comment data in JSON format (for each type or subtype of a transaction, its own comment data is indicated or not indicated at all);
    Transaction type (Number 1 or 3);

    $transaction_raw = Uwim::GetRawTransaction(