A secure, modern user management system for PHP.

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By Alex Weissman and Louis Charette

Copyright (c) 2013-2024, free to use in personal and commercial software as per the license.

UserFrosting is a secure, modern user management system written in PHP and built on top of the Slim Microframework, Twig templating engine, and Eloquent ORM.


User login screen

User login script

User management page

PHP user management script

Permissions management page

UserFrosting permissions management



Please see our installation guide.


If you are having trouble installing UserFrosting, please join us in chat.

If you are generally confused about the structure and layout of the code, or it doesn't look like the kind of PHP code that you're used to, please start from the beginning.

Mission Objectives

UserFrosting seeks to balance modern programming principles, like DRY and MVC, with a shallow learning curve for new developers. Our goals are to:

  • Create a fully-functioning user management script that can be set up in just a few minutes
  • Make it easy for users to quickly adapt the code for their needs
  • Introduce novice developers to best practices such as separation of concerns and DRY programming
  • Introduce novice developers to modern constructs such as front-end controllers, RESTful URLs, namespacing, and object-oriented modeling
  • Build on existing, widely used server- and client-side components
  • Clean, consistent, and well-documented code


Learning UserFrosting

API documentation

Change log

Development Team

Alexander Weissman

Alex is the founder and co-owner of two companies, one that does math tutoring at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN and another company that does math tutoring at UMD in College Park, MD. He is a PhD student in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University.

Louis Charette

Louis's a civil engineer in Montréal, Québec who also has a passion for coding. He is one of the main contributors for and likes to share his knowledge by helping others the same way he was helped when he first started coding.

Jordan Mele

Jordan's an Australian Software Engineer at Canva. His passion is creating simple yet intuitive software-based solutions for problems that would otherwise be tedious and/or difficult to solve, while keeping the user in control.

Sarah Baghdadi

Sarah is UserFrosting's UX specialist and frontend designer. In addition to her work on the UF application itself, she is responsible for the amazing design of and

Srinivas Nukala

Srinivas's a web applications architect, with a passion for open source technologies. He is experienced in building SaaS (software as a service) web applications and enjoys working on open source projects and contributing to the community. He has a Masters in Computer Science from Pune University, India.


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. If you're interested in contributing to the UserFrosting codebase, please see our contributing guidelines as well as our style guidelines.

Thanks to our translators!

  • Louis Charette (@lcharette) - French
  • Karuhut Komol (@popiazaza) - Thai
  • Pietro Marangon (@Pe46dro) - Italian
  • Christian la Forgia (@optiroot) - Italian
  • Abdullah Seba (@abdullahseba) - Arabic
  • Bruno Silva (@brunomnsilva) - Portuguese
  • @BruceGui - Chinese
  • @kevinrombach - German
  • @rafa31gz - Spanish
  • @splitt3r - German
  • @X-Anonymous-Y - German
  • Dmitriy (@rendername) - Russian
  • Amin Akbari (@aminakbari) - Farsi
  • Dumblledore - Turkish
  • Lena Stergatou (@lenasterg) - Greek

Supporting UserFrosting


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