PHP library for the URLR API.

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PHP library for the URLR API.


PHP 7.3 and later.

Quick install

You can install the bindings via Composer. Run the following command:

composer require urlr/urlr-php guzzlehttp/guzzle

The Guzzle client will automatically be found with the help of php-http/discovery package. If you prefer to specify a custom HTTP client to use, please read the Advanced usage section.

To use the bindings, use Composer's autoload:


Getting Started


$urlr = new \URLR\Client();
$urlr->authenticate('username', 'password');

Reduce a link

$response = $urlr->reduceLink([
    'url' => 'https://mydomain.com/?query=param',
    'team' => 11,
    'folder' => 3,
    'code' => 'my_custom_code'
if ($response->code === 200) {
    $code = $response->url_code;
    echo $code;

Get statistics of a link

$response = $urlr->getStatistics([
    'code' => 'XXXXX'
if ($response->code === 200) {

Advanced usage

We are decoupled from any HTTP messaging client with help by HTTPlug. A list of community provided clients is found here: https://packagist.org/providers/php-http/client-implementation

Using a different HTTP client

composer require urlr/urlr-php symfony/http-client nyholm/psr7

For example, to set up the URLR client with Symfony HTTP client:

use Symfony\Component\HttpClient\Psr18Client;

$urlr = new \URLR\Client(new Psr18Client());


If you need help with this library, please contact us on our website and if you find a bug don't hesitate to create a GitHub issue.