AdminLTE template applied to Laravel Scaffolding

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#Alternative AdminLTE template Laravel package A Laravel package that switch default Laravel scaffolding/boilerplate to AdminLTE template

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Laravel 5.1 notes

By default this version of Laravel does not include default auth routes. See:


You will have to add this lines at your routes.php file:

// Authentication routes...
Route::get('auth/login', 'Auth\AuthController@getLogin');
Route::post('auth/login', 'Auth\AuthController@postLogin');
Route::get('auth/logout', 'Auth\AuthController@getLogout');

// Registration routes...
Route::get('auth/register', 'Auth\AuthController@getRegister');
Route::post('auth/register', 'Auth\AuthController@postRegister');

// Password reset link request routes...
Route::get('password/email', 'Auth\PasswordController@getEmail');
Route::post('password/email', 'Auth\PasswordController@postEmail');

// Password reset routes...
Route::get('password/reset/{token}', 'Auth\PasswordController@getReset');
Route::post('password/reset', 'Auth\PasswordController@postReset');


	'auth' => 'Auth\AuthController',
	'password' => 'Auth\PasswordController',

and route to /home

Route::get('/home', ['middleware' => 'auth', function () {
    return view('home');

Also be aware of using new style (endig with ::class) when adding AdminLTETemplateServiceProvider to config/app.php file:

 // AdminLTE template provider


First install Laravel (http://laravel.com/docs/5.0/installation) and then Create a new Laravel project:

Add admint-lte Laravel package with:

 $ composer require urameshibr/laravel-adminlte:"1.0.0"

Register ServiceProvider editing config/app.php file and adding to providers array:

// AdminLTE template provider         

Publish files with:

 $ php artisan vendor:publish --force --provider="Urameshibr\AdminLTETemplateLaravel\app\Providers\AdminLTETemplateServiceProvider"

Use force to overwrite Laravel Scaffolding packages. That's all! Open the Laravel project in your browser or homestead machine and enjoy!

##First steps, database creation, migrations and login

Once package installed you have to follow the usual steps of any laravel project to Login to the admin interface:

  • Create a database. I recommend the use of laravel Homestead ()
  • Create .env file and configure database acces (database name, password, etc)
  • Run migrations with command $ php artisan migrate
  • Registera a first user and Login with it


AdminLTE is a Free Premium Admin control Panel Theme That Is Based On Bootstrap 3.x created by Abdullah Almsaeed. See:



  • Implement Facebook, Google and maybe twitter and github Login with Socialite
  • Add email html templates

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