This class is able to do integrity verification on chilean RUTs and RUNs

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This class is made by unreal4u (Camilo Sperberg) Homepage

About this class

  • Can be used to verify chilean RUT (Rol único tributario) or RUN (Rol único nacional). (Difference [spanish])
  • Will give you some information, such as the RUT/RUN being consulted is an enterprise (RUT) or a natural person (RUN).
  • Allows you to make use of a blacklist (Useful for known frauders).
  • Will also format the RUT/RUN into the correct format.
  • Can deliver also a pure (more basic) Javascript coded version to verify the validity of a RUT/RUN

Detailed description

This package will do all kinds of things you can do with a RUT or RUN, such as:

  • Verifying that it is valid.
  • Finding out whether it is a RUT or a RUN.
  • Format it to the correct format to use / store / work with

Basic usage

$rutVerifier = new unreal4u\rutverifier();
$result = $rutVerifier->isValidRUT('30.686.957-4');
  • Congratulations! Result does now contain true or false depending on the RUT/RUN being valid or not.
  • Please see examples for more options and advanced usage


This class has support for Composer install. Just add the following section to your composer.json with:

    "require": {
        "unreal4u/rutverifier": "@stable"

Now you can instantiate a new rutverifier class by executing:


$rutverifier = new unreal4u\rutverifier();

Don't forget to do a composer.phar install or download and include http://packagist.org/unreal4u/rutverifier-js manually


  • Class will throw exceptions instead of adding silently to an internal error array
  • Native i18n support

Version History

  • 1.0 :
    • Initial version
  • 1.1:
    • PHPUnit testing
    • Documentation improved (Created this README actually)
    • More examples
    • Solved some bugs
  • 1.2:
    • Compatibility with composer
    • Better documentation
  • 1.2.1:
    • Real compatibility with composer
  • 1.2.2:
    • Minor bugs in documentation
  • 1.2.4:
    • Documentation
    • Better PHPUnit tests
    • Fixed a bug related to cache and blacklisting
    • Included PHPDocumentor to src code
  • 1.2.6:
    • Excluded PHPDocumentation
  • 1.2.8:
    • Travis-CI support
    • Very small optimization on Javascript function
    • Began deprecating some old naming conventions
  • 2.0.0:
    • Removed c_javascript function
    • Standarized data type on return for all functions, no more mixed types
    • Updated PHPUnit dependency to latest stable version
    • Will now test PHP 5.3 in Travis-CI as well
    • Class will now sprintf into the error array in preparation for later i18n implementation
  • 2.1.0:
    • Now checking JavaScript code with grunt
  • 2.2.0:
    • This class has now a dependency on unreal4u/rutverifier-js, downloadable on packagist
    • Cleaned up javascript code that had nothing to do with PHP

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