email services provider on top of zendframework 2

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1.0-alpha2 2013-11-01 11:54 UTC


Email Module for Zendframework 2.

# Uj\Mail
Version 1.0-alpha2
License BSD-3-Clause


In most business applications you have to send many, different emails to your customers. On top of the zendframwork we provide an easy to use, config aware email - service module.


  • Provide configurable core services (transport, renderer, email)
  • Render emails from templates
  • Easy to use api
    ->send('module/nameOfEmailTpl', array(
        'to' => 'customer@domain.tld',
        'from' => 'service@your-service.tld',
        'subject' => 'What ever - Our Customer Services',
        // ... additional parameters to pass to view renderer


The easiest way to install unjudder/mail is by using composer.

  • Add the following lines to your composer.json
"require": {
    "unjudder/mail": "1.0-alpha2"
  • Load the zf2 module, edit your config/application.config.php file:
'modules' => array(



The config is located in the nested config namespace

type string Transport class, lookup in \Zend\Mail\Transport\*. It must implement \Zend\Mail\Transport\TransportInterface.
options array A list of options that will be passed to the transport options instance.

To do

  • Improve the docs.
  • Add controller plugin
  • Add signature support
  • Add (more) template storage adapters, eg. database
  • Set Subject from within email template
  • Add attachments/mime parts from within email template
  • Add default email parameters (to, sender, ...)
  • Message Queue/Cli Tool for sending many mails in background


The files in this project are released under the unjudder license. Please find a copy of this license bundled with this package in the file LICENSE.md. Our License is also available through the web at: http://unjudder.com/license/new-bsd.