Package for calculating and formatting information units like Bit, Byte, Kilobit, Kilobyte, Megabit, Megabyte, etc.

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Package for calculating and formatting information units like Bit, Byte, Kilobit, Kilobyte, Megabit, Megabyte, etc.


composer require unit/information


The used units follow the IEC standard.

Name Abbreviation In Bit In Byte Constant to use
Bit b 1 0.125 Unit\Information\Unit::BIT
Kilobit kb 1000 125 Unit\Information\Unit::KILOBIT
Megabit Mb 1000000 125000 Unit\Information\Unit::MEGABIT
Gigabit Gb 1000000000 125000000 Unit\Information\Unit::GIGABIT
Terabit Tb 1000000000000 125000000000 Unit\Information\Unit::TERABIT
Petabit Pb 1000000000000000 125000000000000 Unit\Information\Unit::PETABIT
Byte B 8 1 Unit\Information\Unit::BYTE
Kilobyte kB 8000 1000 Unit\Information\Unit::KILOBYTE
Megabyte MB 8000000 1000000 Unit\Information\Unit::MEGABYTE
Gigabyte GB 8000000000 1000000000 Unit\Information\Unit::GIGABYTE
Terabyte TB 8000000000000 1000000000000 Unit\Information\Unit::TERABYTE
Petabyte PB 8000000000000000 1000000000000000 Unit\Information\Unit::PETABYTE
Kibibyte KiB 8192 1024 Unit\Information\Unit::KIBIBYTE
Mebibyte MiB 8388608 1048576 Unit\Information\Unit::MEBIBYTE
Gigabyte GiB 8589934592 1073741824 Unit\Information\Unit::GIBIBYTE
Terabyte TiB 8796093022208 1099511627776 Unit\Information\Unit::TEBIBYTE
Pebibyte PiB 9007199254740992 1125899906842624 Unit\Information\Unit::PEBIBYTE


Intelligent formatting:

use Unit\Information\Size;

// Format 1 Byte
(new Size(1))->format(); // "1B"

// Format Byte values
(new Size(4300000))->format();     // "4.3MB"
(new Size(73042346800))->format(); // "73.0423468GB"

// Cut at precision
(new Size(73042346800))->format(null);    // "73GB"
(new Size(73042346800))->format(null, 0); // "73GB"
(new Size(73042346800))->format(null, 2); // "73.04GB"

// Custom format
(new Size(73042346800))->format(null, 1, '%size% %unit_abbreviation% (%unit_name%)'); // "73.0 GB (Gigabyte)"

Format value in specified unit:

use Unit\Information\Size;
use Unit\Information\Unit;

(new Size(73042346800))->format(Unit::MEGABYTE); // "73042MB"
(new Size(300000))->format(Unit::MEGABYTE, 1);   // "0.3MB"

Transform to a number (not a formatted string) value in another unit:

use Unit\Information\Size;
use Unit\Information\Unit;

(new Size(100000))->get(Unit::KILOBYTE); // 100
(new Size(1))->get(Unit::KILOBYTE);      // 0.001

Create a size from a value in a specified unit:

use Unit\Information\Size;

new Size(1);     // If the value is not a string it is treated as a Byte value which is transformed to a Bit value internally
new Size('1MB'); // If it is a string the string is transformed to a Bit value intelligently
new Size('0.05GB');


use Unit\Information\Size;

$size = new Size(1);
$otherSize = new Size('1MB');


$size->add($otherSize)->subtract($otherSize); // Can be chained

Instantiate from PHP's shorthand values (which do not follow the IEC standard, see https://www.php.net/manual/en/faq.using.php#faq.using.shorthandbytes):

use Unit\Information\Size;
use Unit\Information\InvalidPhpShorthandValueException;

$size = Size::createFromPhpShorthandValue('1M'); // Results in 1048576 Bytes
try {
    $size = Size::createFromPhpShorthandValue(ini_get('memory_limit'));
} catch (InvalidPhpShorthandValueException $exception) {
    // $exception->getMessage() is: 'The PHP shorthand value "-1" cannot be converted to a meaningful size.'


$ ./vendor/bin/phpunit


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.