Handle with independent tables or in on table

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this api can handle tag in independent tables or use only one table

Install Taggable


"require" : {
    "unisharp/laravel-taggable" : "dev-master"
"repositories": {
    "type": "git",
    "url": "https://github.com/UniSharp/laravel-taggable.git"

save it and then

composer update

Configure Taggable

  • config/app.php

    • providers:


  • IndependentTaggable: it's use independent table to save your tag

    eg. if Product is exists, you can use commad to generate ProductTag Model

  • IndependentCategorizable: it's can categorize for your model

What different between tag and category?

Tag is a many to many relationship, a taggalble entity can tag many tags, and there're many entities can belong a tag. However, a entity can only belong one category, it's one to one relation, and there're many entities can belong a category.

Generate Independent Tag Table

I assume Product model already exists, and you want make this model be taggable. if you don't have any models, you can use following builtin command to generate it

php artisan make:model Product --migration

and use following command to generate tag table and model for your Product

php artisan taggable:independent_tag_table Product

You will see there's ProductTag model under app/ folder

Now, add trait for your product model let it be taggable.

use Unisharp\Taggable\Traits\IndependentTaggable;

class Product extends Model
    use IndependentTaggable

Use Independent Tag

  • tag your Model
$product = Product::find(1);
$product->tag('new_tag'); // only string
$product->tag('tag1', 'tag2', 'tag3'); // multi string also work
$product->tag(['tag1', 'tag2']); // array is acceptable
  • untag it
$product->untag('tag1', 'tag2', 'tag3');
$product->untag(['tag1', 'tag2']);
  • get your tags
$product->tags // it will return ProductTag back
  • list your entity which belong specified tag
$tag = ProductTag::find(1);
$tag->entities // it will return Products back

Generate Independent Category

Just like independent tag, you can generate independent category migration by command.

php artisan taggable:independent_category_table Product

it will generate ProductCategory for Product

and you can add category trait for Product just like before.

use Unisharp\Taggable\Traits\IndependentIndependentCategorizable;

class Product extends Model
    use IndependentCategorizable;

Use Independent Category

  • categorize your model
$product = Product::find(1);
$product->categorize('free'); // use string
$product->categorize(1); // use product_category id
  • decategorize
  • list your model's category
$product->catetory // list its category, it return ProductCategory