Keep a change history for your models using laravel version 5.1.*

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What is this package for?

  • This package is for laravel 5.0/5.1, which helps you create your auditing logs into your database.


  1. In /config/app.php, add the following to providers:


    and the following to aliases:

    'Audit' => Unisharp\AuditTrail\Facades\Audit::class,
  2. Run php artisan vendor:publish.

  3. Run php artisan migrate.


All your logs will be recorded in 'audit_trails' table.

  • You need to add a trait to the model you're going to audit.

    class User extends Eloquent
      use \Unisharp\AuditTrail\Auditable;
      protected $table = 'users';
      protected $hidden = ['password'];
      protected $fillable = ['username', 'email', 'password'];
  • In any place you want to audit your user logs

    $User->log($action, $comment = null, $subject = null, $subject_id = null)
    Audit::log($action, $comment = null)
    $User->log('log in', 'the action is approved')
    Audit::log('log in', 'the action is approved')
    • $User is an Eloquent Object here.
    • The second, third parameters are optional.
    • You could put your modified column and column id to subject and subject_id parameters.
  • Other usages

    • You can get your model logs by:

    • Get all the logs by single user by using:

    • As time grows, logs would be outdated. You may clean them by:



This package is licensed under MIT license.