Adds keyboard shortcuts for common tasks to SilverStripe 4.0+ (ctrl/command+s for save anyone?)

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SilverStripe Keyboard Shortcuts

Adds keyboard shortcuts for common tasks to SilverStripe 4.0+ (ctrl/command+s for save anyone?).


  • SilverStripe 4.0+


composer require undefinedoffset/silverstripe-keyboardshortcuts

If you prefer you may also install manually:


These shortcuts are not guaranteed to work in all browsers on all operating systems, and what they do by default on your particular browser/os is not guaranteed so take care. This module uses a slightly modified Mousetrap by ccampbell for it's keyboard event handling, modifications are to allow interfacing with TinyMCE.


ctrl+s/command+s Save/Save Draft

ctrl+alt+n Add Page/Create Page/New Model Admin Item

ctrl+f/command+f Toggles the search panel in pages and in other cms sections

ctrl+shift+f/command+shift+f Clears the current search filters in pages and in other cms sections

Pages and Files only

ctrl+shift+s/command+shift+s Save and Publish

Pages only

ctrl+k/command+k Toggle between Draft/Published Preview [not saved]

ctrl+m/command+m Toggle between preview modes (Split mode > Edit mode > Preview mode) saved in session

ctrl+j/command+j Toggle between preview sizes (Auto > Desktop > Tablet > Mobile) saved in session


alt+shift+k/alt+shift+k Unlink

ctrl+shift+m/command+shift+m Insert Media

ctrl+shift+l/command+shift+l Insert or Remove Bulleted List

ctrl+l/command+l Insert or Remove Numbered List

These are in addition to the built in keyboard shortcuts for TinyMCE: ctrl+z/command+z Undo Typing

ctrl+y/command+y Redo Typing

ctrl+b/command+b Bold text

ctrl+i/command+i Italic text

ctrl+u/command+u Underline text

ctrl+1 to ctrl+6/command+1 to command+6 Heading 1 to 6

ctrl+7/command+7 Paragraph

ctrl+8/command+8 Div

ctrl+9/command+9 Address