Allows you to add CoffeeScript, SCSS, and LESS as standard requirements and automatically compiles on page load.

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Last update: 2024-04-29 03:07:05 UTC


This module allows the direct inclusion of uncompiled meta-language dependencies such as CoffeeScript, LESS, and SASS into your project and compiles them at runtime.

Basic Usage

Just require the dependency in your controller, and use it just like Requirements.


Limiting the compiling

By default, files are only compiled in "test" and "dev" environments. To limit compiling to specific environments:


Specifying target directories

By default, CoffeeScript compiles to project-dir/javascript, and SASS/LESS compiles to themes/my-theme/css, but those paths can be overridden.

  compiled_path: mysite/coffee
  compiled_path: mysite/sass

Specifying a path to the "coffee" executable

The /usr/local/bin path is forced into the shell environment by default, but if you need more control over it:

  coffee_exec: /my/path/to/coffee

Change the modification time tolerance that triggers a compile.

Compiling doesn't happen unless the "last edited" time difference between the raw and uncompiled file is greater than a specific number of seconds (defaults to 5)

  modification_tolerance: 10;


Compiling SASS is exceedingly difficult from within PHP because it is a Ruby gem, so environmental issues are numerous. This module uses a thirdparty PHP compiler for SASS, which is known to have some bugs.