Provides Multi SiteTree sections in SilverStripe CMS

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Module provides ability to create multiple site tree sections to divide content pages based on class type.


  1. silverstripe/cms ^4.3
  2. php ^7


composer require umimood/silverstripe-multi-sitetree


  1. Better code coverage
  2. Ability to filter by namespace


1. Extend the base classes

  1. CMSPagesController
  2. CMSPageAddController
  3. CMSPageEditController
  4. CMSPageHistoryViewerController
  5. CMSPageSettingsController
class CMSEmailsController extends \UmiMood\MultiSiteTree\Controllers\CMSPagesController
class CMSEmailAddController extends \UmiMood\MultiSiteTree\Controllers\CMSPageAddController
class CMSEmailEditController extends \UmiMood\MultiSiteTree\Controllers\CMSPageEditController
class CMSEmailHistoryViewerController extends \UmiMood\MultiSiteTree\Controllers\CMSPageHistoryViewerController
class CMSEmailSettingsController extends \UmiMood\MultiSiteTree\Controllers\CMSPageSettingsController

2. Define configuration in config.yml

# Multi site tree section configuration
  family_controller: App\CMSEmailsController
  menu_priority: 26
  url_segment: emails
  menu_title: Emails
    - App\EmailEvent
    - Some\Other\EmailEvent
    - And\Another\EmailEvent

  family_controller: App\CMSEmailsController
  url_segment: emails/add
  menu_title: Emails

  family_controller: App\CMSEmailsController
  url_segment: emails/edit
  menu_title: Emails

  family_controller: App\CMSEmailsController
  url_segment: emails/history
  menu_title: Emails

  family_controller: App\CMSEmailsController
  url_segment: emails/settings
  menu_title: Emails

Note: Sub class of UmiMood\MultiSiteTree\Controllers\CMSPagesController is parent controller (identifier) and needs to be assigned to all five (5) controller classes.


Umair Mahmood


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