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This is a Magento 2 module, allows migrate some important data from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x

Dec 13, 2017: UB Data Migration Pro 3.1.2 released, fully compatible with the latest Magento 2.2.2

Sept 15, 2017: UB Data Migration Pro 3.1.0 arrived, with All-New Intuitive Dashboard

####Oct 18, 2016 Update: UB Data Migration Pro V3 Released - a complete overhaul compared to its older sibling. Below are some of the most striking new features in the V3:

  • Supports Delta Migration (incremental changes)
  • Allows to migrate data into your Magento 2 site with existing database (Our old V2 version required a fresh installation instead)
  • Allows to proceed migration using the command lines in Command-line interface (CLI) mode, after completing all pre-migration setting steps.
  • Supports PHP Memcached (optional) to improve performance
  • Ready for large-scale Magento data migration
  • And much more

Tutorial Video

Check out the 14-minute video guide below to learn more about the V3:

UB Data Migration Pro V3

Magento Data Migration FAQs

Successful Magento 2 Migration Case Studies

Check out all Magento 2 migration case studies here, a few to name:

  • Case Study: Winetasting.com – Migrate 382,047 customer entities to Magento 2
  • How Freelaunch.nl used UB Data Migration Pro to migrate 230,000 products to Magento 2
  • Case study: Successful Magento 2 Data Migration for Kwaaijongens.nl


May 17, 2016 Update: We decided to upgrade our free migration tool to a premium version — UB Data Migration Pro to provide a better, stable and more feature-rich solution for Magento 2 migration. Check out this 9-minute video to learn more about how this new migration tool can help with Magento 2 migration.

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Allow Features:

  • Migrate Web sites, Stores, Store views
  • Migrate Attribute Sets, Attribute Groups, Attributes
  • Migrate Categories
  • Migrate Products
  • Migrate Customers
  • Migrate Sales Data: Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, Sales Shipments...
  • Migrate Product Reviews, Ratings data
  • [-] ...


+ Magento CE 1.x: 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
+ Magento 2 CE 2.0.0 and later

Author: UberTheme

Prepare (precondition):

How To Install:

  • Install via Composer: In your terminal window, go to your magento2 webroot folder and run bellow command:
  • composer require ubertheme/module-ubdatamigration
  • Example: load module
  • Enable the module: In your terminal window run bellow commands:
  • php -f PATH_YOUR_MAGENTO_2/bin/magento module:enable --clear-static-content Ubertheme_Ubdatamigration
  • php -f PATH_YOUR_MAGENTO_2/bin/magento setup:upgrade
  • Examples: enable module

How To Use:

1 - Follow step by step by UI of this module as bellow screenshots:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

2 - Finish (required)

To finish the data migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, you have to do some tasks bellow:

  • Copy media files

    • Copy the folder at PATH_YOUR_MAGENTO_1\media\catalog and paste replace to PATH_YOUR_MAGENTO_2\pub\media\
    • Copy the folder at PATH_YOUR_MAGENTO_1\media\downloadable and paste replace to PATH_YOUR_MAGENTO_2\pub\media\
    • Make recursive write permission to "catalog" and "downloadable" folders which you have just copied.
  • Re-save all the Attribute Sets migrated: In backend of your Magento 2 go to Stores/Attributes/Attribute menu navigation. Open the Attribute Set, edit information of it if needed and click the save button

  • Re-Index the data: In your terminal window run bellow command: php -f PATH_YOUR_MAGENTO_2/bin/magento indexer:reindex reindex data

  • Clean Magento 2: In your terminal window run bellow command: php -f PATH_YOUR_MAGENTO_2/bin/magento cache:flush flush cache

  • Upgrade Password Hash (This is optional task for more security): In your terminal window run bellow command php -f PATH_YOUR_MAGENTO_2/bin/magento customer:hash:upgrade upgrade customer password_hash

3 - Let’s discover Magento 2 with your data migrated by URL: