Extension of TCPDF library and FPDI library with added convenience methods.

5.0.5 2017-02-22 13:47 UTC


An extension of the TCPDF library.


Via composer

Add the package to your composer.json file:

	"require": {
		"uam/tcpdfx": "dev-master",

Run composer.phar update.

Class hierarchy

UAM\Pdf\TCPDF → fpdi\FPDI → fpdi\FPDI → FPDF\TPL → fpdi\FPDF → \TCPDF

UAM\Pdf\Concat → fpdi\FPDI ...



Instantiate a TCPDF document.

use UAM\Pdf\TCPDF;

$pdf = new TCPDF();

UAM\Pdf\TCPDF is a sub-class of both fpdi\FPDI and \TCPDF, so all methods from these classes are available, in addition to the convenience methods defined in UAM\Pdf\TCPDF itself.

Concatenating files

UAM\Pdf\ConcatPDF is a convenience class to concatenate PDF documents.

External libraries

uam/tcpdfx makes use of:


The TCPDF library is provided via the "" package, currently at release 6.0.*

The original package is hosted at sourceforge, and because of persistent problems in downloading it, it is also mirrored at


FPDI version 1.4.4 and FPDF_TPL version 1.2.3 are provided via the "onigoetz/fpdi_tcpdf" package.