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PHP multi user multi conversations messaging system, just like facebook :)

** just wanted to thank everyone for the feedback, and great bugs! I'm still working hard to improve it, and I wanted to invite you all to the website that is the reason for me to create this package, and of course you could test it there:

Currently hapening:

I noticed many people like this package so I now am upgrading it with tests and better structure, anyone who has any ideas or wants to contribute I would be more than happy :)


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I decided to create this package because of the lack of real good messaging systems in php with the proper features like, deleting archiving messages for each specific user, multipile users in conversations and more. I am trying to build this in a very generic way so it could be easilly implemented for each framework or project. Currently I'll try to build with laravel and eloquent as this is the project I'm currently building.


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How it is built:

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How to use it?:

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