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It is possible to divide the tests into groups based on:

  1. report.xml of Codeception library
  2. The size of the test methods (used if the first 2 do not work)

In addition, the separation depth has 3 levels:

  1. Separation of directories
  2. Separation of files (classes)
  3. Separation by separate methods Than smaller the division unit (method < class < directory) that more optimized the division result.


composer require tzepart/test-separator


Add configuration file config/test_separator.yml, which contents:

  separating-strategy: 'default-groups'
  use-default-separating-strategy: false
  codeception-reports-directory: '/path/to/file/with/codeception/reports/'
  tests-directory: '/path/to/project/tests/'
  result-path: '/path/to/project/file/groups/'
  level: 'method'
      - 'list'
      - 'sub-directories'
      - 'with'
      - 'test-suites'
    - 'method-size'
    - 'default-groups'
  default-groups-directory: '/path/to/directory/with/defaults/groups/'

Parameter separating-strategy can be one of these values:

  • codeception-report
  • method-size

If parameter use-default-separating-strategy: true than, if we can't use codeception-report strategy we'll try use default strategies (method-size or default-groups)

Parameter tests-directory - path to directory where is yours tests

Parameter result-path - path to directory where final groups files will be

Parameter level can be one of these values:

  • directory
  • class
  • method

Manual running

./vendor/bin/separate-tests separate 6

Where "6" - groups count

For the convenience of debugging, you can overwrite some configuration parameters when running the command, namely:

  • codeception-reports-directory
  • result-path
  • separating-strategy


./separate-tests separate 5 --result-path=/data/tests-separator-data/groups_2/ --codeception-reports-directory=/data/tests-separator-data/reports_2/

Develop section

Run test

./vendor/bin/phpunit --bootstrap vendor/autoload.php tests