This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the neos/composer-plugin package instead.

A multi-framework Composer library installer

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This is for PHP package authors to require in their composer.json. It will magically install their package to the correct location based on the specified package type.

Current Supported Package Types:

  • AGL agl-
  • CakePHP 2+ cakephp-
  • CodeIgniter codeigniter-
  • Drupal drupal-
  • FuelPHP fuelphp-
  • Joomla joomla-
  • Kohana kohana-
  • Laravel laravel-
  • Lithium lithium-
  • Magento magento-
  • Mako mako-
  • MediaWiki mediawiki-
  • phpBB phpbb-
  • PPI ppi-
  • SilverStripe silverstripe-
  • Symfony1 symfony1-
  • TYPO3 Flow typo3-flow-
  • WordPress wordpress-
  • Zend zend-

Natively Supported Frameworks:

The following frameworks natively work with Composer and will be installed to the default vendor directory. composer/installers is not needed to install packages with these frameworks:

  • Aura
  • Symfony2

Example composer.json File

This is an example for a CakePHP plugin. The only important parts to set in your composer.json file are "type": "cakephp-plugin" which describes what your package is and "require": { "composer/installers": "*" } which tells composer to load the custom installers.

    "name": "you/ftp",
    "type": "cakephp-plugin",
    "require": {
        "composer/installers": "*"

This would install your package to the app/Plugin/Ftp/ folder of a CakePHP app when a user runs php composer.phar install.

So submit your packages to packagist.org!

Current Supported Types

  • AGL
    • agl-module
  • CakePHP
    • cakephp-plugin
  • CodeIgniter
    • codeigniter-library
    • codeigniter-third-party
    • codeigniter-module
  • Drupal
    • drupal-module
    • drupal-theme
    • drupal-profile
    • drupal-drush
  • FuelPHP
    • fuelphp-module
  • Joomla
    • joomla-component
    • joomla-module
    • joomla-template
    • joomla-plugin
    • joomla-library
  • Kohana
    • kohana-module
  • Laravel
    • laravel-library
  • Lithium
    • lithium-library
    • lithium-source
  • Magento
    • magento-library
    • magento-skin
    • magento-theme
  • Mako
    • mako-package
  • MediaWiki
    • mediawiki-extension
  • phpBB
    • phpbb-extension
    • phpbb-style
    • phpbb-language
  • PPI
    • ppi-module
  • SilverStripe
    • silverstripe-module
    • silverstripe-theme
  • symfony1
    • symfony1-plugin
  • TYPO3 Flow
    • typo3-flow-package
    • typo3-flow-framework
    • typo3-flow-plugin
    • typo3-flow-site
    • typo3-flow-build
    • typo3-flow-yourlib (will install to Packages/Yourlib/)
  • WordPress
    • wordpress-plugin
    • wordpress-theme
  • Zend
    • zend-library
    • zend-extra

Types in bold have been marked stable and you can rely on those install paths to not change. A new type must be created if any adjustments are requested for an install path.

Custom Install Paths

If you are consuming a package that uses the composer/installers you can override the install path with the following extra in your composer.json:

    "extra": {
        "installer-paths": {
            "your/custom/path/{$name}/": ["shama/ftp", "vendor/package"]

This would use your custom path for each of the listed packages. The available variables to use in your paths are: ${name}, {$vendor}, {$type}.

Custom Install Names

If you're a package author and need your package to be named differently when installed consider using the installer-name extra.

For example you have a package named shama/cakephp-ftp with the type cakephp-plugin. Installing with composer/installers would install to the path Plugin/CakephpFtp. Due to the strict naming conventions, you as a package author actually need the package to be named and installed to Plugin/Ftp. Using the following config within your package composer.json will allow this:

    "name": "shama/cakephp-ftp",
    "type": "cakephp-plugin",
    "extra": {
        "installer-name": "Ftp"

Please note the name entered into installer-name will be the final and will not be inflected.


  • Fork and clone.
  • Run the command php composer.phar install --dev to install the dev dependencies. See Composer.
  • Use the command phpunit to run the tests. See PHPUnit.
  • Create a branch, commit, push and send us a pull request.

To ensure a consistent code base, you should make sure the code follows the Coding Standards which we borrowed from Symfony.

If you would like to help, please take a look at the list of issues.