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Flow Composer Plugin

This package provides a custom installer plugin for Composer which handles the specialities of installing Flow packages.

It will handle packages that have a type of neos-* or typo3-flow-*.

Package package name

The Flow package name for a given package is determined like this, on order:

  • composer manifest extras.installer-name
  • first PSR-0 autoloading namespace
  • first PSR-4 autoloading namespace
  • Composer manifest extras.neos.package-key
  • Composer package name (Does not work in all cases but common cases should be fine – foo/bar => Foo.Bar, foo/bar-baz => Foo.Bar.Baz)

Installation location

Where the package will be installed, depends on the Composer type suffix:

  • plugin go into Packages/Plugins/{flowPackageName}
  • site go into Packages/Sites/{flowPackageName}
  • boilerplate go into Packages/Boilerplates/{flowPackageName}
  • build go into Build/{flowPackageName}
  • package go into Packages/Application/{flowPackageName}
  • package-collection go into Packages/{flowPackageName}
  • * go into Packages/{camelCasedType}/{flowPackageName}