v3.0.0 2013-11-13 16:33 UTC


Rackspace Cloud StreamWrapper is an easy way to move files into the rackspace's CDN.

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Installation Composer

  1. Add the following lines to the composer.json file
    "require": {
    # ..
    "tvision/rackspace-cloud-files-streamwrapper": "v3.0.0",
    # ..
  1. Then run composer install


  • PHP > 5.3.0

  • rackspace/php-opencloud.git


Please feel free to use the Git issue tracking to report back any problems or errors. You're encouraged to clone the repository and send pull requests if you'd like to contribute actively in developing the library. than add your name to this file under the contributor section


  • thanks for cystbear for the tips
  1. liuggio

  2. benjamindulau

  3. toretto460


This code is under the apache 2.0 license. See the complete license here