a file mapper for various file types.

1.0.0 2016-08-31 01:39 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-03-28 07:47:38 UTC


A file mapper that maps a path to various file types, such as images, text, and markdown file.

finds a file based on a given path, and returns the file resource or contents (string), associated mime-type, and other information.


MIT License


PSR-1, PSR-2, and PSR-4.


$map = Tuum\Locator\FileMap::forge(
    __DIR__.'/map',   // root dir where mapped files exist. 
    __DIR__.'/cache'  // give cache dir to convert md files.

// render the file based on path.
$found = $map->render('images/sample.jpg');
if (!$found->found()) {
    echo 'not found';
header('Content-Type: '.$found->getMimeType());
if ($fp = $found->getResource()) {
} else {
    echo $found->getContents();

The render method will find a file, then returns an FileInfo object which has methods like:

FileInfo Object

FileInfor have methods such as:

  • FileInfo::found(): bool: returns if a file for a given path is found.
  • FileInfo::getMimeType(): string|null: returns a mime types for the file.
  • FileInfo::getResource(): resource|null: returns a resource for images, etc.
  • FileInfo::getContents(): string: returns a contents of a text files. if a resource is given, this methods returns the content of the file resource.

depending on the type of file, the FileInfo object may have a file resource or a file's contents as string. Try retriving a file resource first, then file contents if no resource is found.


Emitting based on Extensions

The FileMap will emit the file as a resource, if

  • the path has an extension (i.e. sample.jpg), and
  • the extension is defined in $map->emit_extension, and
  • found the file at the path.

The following list some of the predefined extensions and associated mime-type:

    public $emit_extensions = [
        'pdf'  => 'application/pdf',
        'gif'  => 'image/gif',

To add your extensions,

$map->addEmitExtension('swf', 'application/x-shockwave-Flash');

Viewing File Content

The FileMap will emit the file content as a text, if

  • not handled by the emitting by extension, and
  • a file exists with extensions defined in $map->view_extensions.

To add an extension for viewing files,

    function(FileInfo $found) use($twig) {
        return $found;

The following shows the pre-defined extensions and the behavior of rendering. In all cases, it returns mime-type as text/html.

  • .php: evaluate the file as PHP.
  • .txt, .text: get contents and put the string inside <pre> html tag.
  • .md: converts the file to html using MarkUp object.

MarkUp for CommonMark

MarkUp class converts common-mark (AKA Markdown) file to HTML. Construction Set markdown file root directory of markdown files, and cache directory,


$markUp = Tuum\Locator\MarkUp::forge('/path/to/md', '/cache/dir');
$html = $markUp->getHtml('to/mark/down.md');

The $markUp will converts the CommonMark to HTML only when cached html file is not found.