Minimalistic JSON document storage

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Store JSON document with a simple API, can be useful to store forms or any unstructured data.

How to use ?

You must use the StoreService as you central way to interact with the store. The internal storage currently use Doctrine only, but the Storage implement will be pluggable in a futur release. In the service you can use the public methods:

  • StoreService::add to create a new Document
  • StoreService::update to update a new Document
  • StoreService::remove to remove a new Document
  • StoreService::count to count all Document by type
  • StoreService::paginate to paginate over all Document by type

A Document must have a label, a type and a JSON serializable payload.


During the life cycle of the Documents, the following signal are emitted:

  • StoreService::documentAdded
  • StoreService::documentUpdated
  • StoreService::documentRemoved


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The MIT License (MIT). Please see LICENSE for more information.