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A TYPO3 Flow Logger Backend to send log the the Chrome Console

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0.9 2015-01-20 20:42 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-08-25 22:05:08 UTC


The Logger Backend can display your application in the Chrome Console, with the extension "Chrome Logger".

Sample image based on the TYPO3 Neos Demo Site

How to use it ?

You need to configure the Logger Backend in Settings.yaml::

          0: 'TYPO3\Flow\Log\Backend\FileBackend'
          1: 'Ttree\ChromeLogger\Log\Backend\ChromeConsoleBackend'
            logFileURL: '%FLOW_PATH_DATA%Logs/System_Development.log'
            createParentDirectories: TRUE
            severityThreshold: '%LOG_INFO%'
            maximumLogFileSize: 10485760
            logFilesToKeep: 1
            logMessageOrigin: FALSE
            severityThreshold: '%LOG_CRIT%'

By default the package use a grouped output to show log on mulitple lines:

Default Output

Use it in your own package

You can use the default system logger provided by Flow, but you can also inject the ChomeLoggerServive in your own class.

Check the following code for some example:


// You can group your log entry, groupCollapsed method for a more compact rendering


$this->chromeLoggerInstance->log(new \DateTime());

Warning: HTTP Header are limited to 256kb, currently if you hit the limit, you wont see any logs in the console.

Sample image with more advanced log values


Feel free to open issue if you need a specific feature and better send a pull request. Here are some idea for future improvements:

  • Support for exception and backtrace
  • Add support for Header compression (gzip) to mitigate the 256kb limit (need change in the Chrome extension too)
  • Better reflexion, maybe


Development sponsored by ttree ltd - neos solution provider.


Licensed under GPLv3+, see LICENSE