A lightweight template kernel for Symfony2 with auto-install script

v1.0.2 2014-09-01 16:37 UTC


An easy way to start a Symfony app


This small lib does 3 things :

  • Provides a fat-free kernel for Symfony 2 with only essential bundles
  • Provides an auto-installer script for platform-specific parameters
  • Inject a default parameter "" to customize your configuration when many developers are involved


Reduce the rate of "But it works on my computer (or my VM) !"

It starts for 3 reasons :

  • the lost so many times of the infamous parameters.yml
  • the AppKernel class is not OCP
  • customizing parameters automatically between a team


In the end, the Kernel looks like :

use Trismegiste\Prelude\Kernel;

class AppKernel extends Kernel
    protected function registerAdditionalBundles()
        return [];

See through the phpunit tests or the social network app iinano


Before you start to mess your AppKernel and parameters.yml. When you don't need fatty fat bundles like Doctrine or Swiftmailer or ide-validation-less annotations.


Add this lib to the composer.json of your Symfony project. Add the install script for Composer. Rewrite the AppKernel like you can see in iinano. Remove parameters.yml (and its reference). Remove Incenteev reference in composer.json.

Y U NO use Incenteev ?

This lib does not provide a way to prepare a parameters.yml for the preprod server, for example, so your sysadmin does not get mad when he's installing your app at 1:00 AM. Only the file for the production server needs to be in gitignore.

Nonetheless, you can use both in the same project.