A set of PHP code quality tools

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A set of PHP code quality tools for VCS.

Tripomatic\PhpCodeQuality allows for automatic PHP code checking while commiting changes in VCS. At the moment Git and Mercurial are supported. The tool can perform the following pre-commit checks:

  1. If both composer.json and composer.lock are versioned it checks whether they are in sync.
  2. All changed or added PHP files are checked for syntax errors with php -l.
  3. All changed or added PHP files are chekced for coding style with PHP-CS-Fixer. This check requires coding style definition file .php_cs in the repository root.


Install Tripomatic\PhpCodeQuality using Composer:

$ composer require --dev tripomatic/php-code-quality

To setup automatic code checking before every commit add the following line to your pre-commit hook:

php vendor/bin/php-code-quality check-staged-files

The tool automatically detects the repository type (Git, Mercurial) and checks the changes to be commited.

In Git these changes doesn't have to reflect the working tree so the actual changes are fetched to a temporary directory and the files are controlled there. The directory is automatically removed.

Automatic setup with Composer

The pre-commit hooks can be also set-up automatically using Composer's scripts. For instance you can add the following lines to your composer.json:

"scripts": {
	"pre-install-cmd": "sh git/",
	"pre-update-cmd": "sh git/"

And create a git/ file containing:

ROOT="$(cd "$(dirname "$0")"/..; pwd -P)"

echo "Installing GIT hooks"
rm -rf ${ROOT}/.git/hooks
ln -s ${ROOT}/git/hooks ${ROOT}/.git/hooks
chmod +x ${ROOT}/.git/hooks/*

And finally, create a git/hooks directory and a pre-commit file in it containing:

ROOT="$(cd "$(dirname "$0")"/../..; pwd -P)"

php ${ROOT}/vendor/bin/php-code-quality check-staged-files

The git directory can be added to the repository and that way the pre-commit code-checking hook will be automatically installed on any composer install and composer update.


In case you use tabs for indenting this package contains also an IndentWithTabsFixer for PHP-CS-Fixer. Installing in the .php_cs is easy:

return Symfony\CS\Config\Config::create()
	->addCustomFixer(new Symfony\CS\Fixer\Contrib\IndentWithTabsFixer())
	    '-indentation', # turn off the PSR-2 rule

A complete example can be the .php_cs for this repository.


Tripomatic\PhpCodeQuality is licensed under MIT.