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Treblle is a lightweight SDK that helps Engineering and Product teams build, ship & maintain REST based APIs faster.



How Treblle Works

Once you’ve integrated a Treblle SDK in your codebase, this SDK will send requests and response data to your Treblle Dashboard.

In your Treblle Dashboard you get to see real-time requests to your API, auto-generated API docs, API analytics like how fast the response was for an endpoint, the load size of the response, etc.

Treblle also uses the requests sent to your Dashboard to calculate your API score which is a quality score that’s calculated based on the performance, quality, and security best practices for your API.

Visit for the complete documentation.


Masking fields

Masking fields ensure certain sensitive data are removed before being sent to Treblle.

To make sure masking is done before any data leaves your server we built it into all our SDKs.

This means data masking is super fast and happens on a programming level before the API request is sent to Treblle. You can customize exactly which fields are masked when you’re integrating the SDK.

Visit the Masked fields section of the docs for the complete documentation.

Get Started

  1. Sign in to Treblle.
  2. Create a Treblle project.
  3. Setup the SDK for your platform.

Install the SDK

Install Treblle for Laravel via Composer by running the following command in your terminal:

composer require treblle/treblle-laravel

You can get started with Treblle directly from your Artisan console. Just type in the following command in your terminal:

php artisan treblle:start

The command guides you through a process and allows you to create an account, login to your existing account, create a new project and get all the .ENV keys you need to start using Treblle.

You can also visit our website and create a FREE account to get your API key and Project ID. Once you have them, simply add them to your .ENV file:


Enabling Treblle on your API

Your first step should be to register Treblle into your in your middleware aliases in app/Http/Kernel.php:

protected $middlewareAliases = [
  // the rest of your middleware aliases
  'treblle' => \Treblle\Middlewares\TreblleMiddleware::class,

Open the routes/api.php and add the Treblle middleware to either a route group like so:

Route::middleware(['treblle'])->group(function () {

  Route::prefix('samples')->group(function () {
    Route::get('{uuid}', [SampleController::class, 'view']);
    Route::post('store', [SampleController::class, 'store']);


or to an individual route like so:

Route::group(function () {
  Route::prefix('users')->group(function () {

    Route::get('{uuid}', [UserController::class, 'view'])->middleware('treblle');

    Route::post('{uuid}/update', [UserController::class, 'update']);

You're all set. Next time someone makes a request to your API you will see it in real-time on your Treblle dashboard alongside other features like: auto-generated documentation, error tracking, analytics and API quality scoring.

See the docs for this SDK to learn more.

Available SDKs

Treblle provides open-source SDKs that let you seamlessly integrate Treblle with your REST-based APIs.

See the docs for more on SDKs and Integrations.

Other Packages

Besides the SDKs, we also provide helpers and configuration used for SDK development. If you're thinking about contributing to or creating a SDK, have a look at the resources below:

  • treblle-utils: A set of helpers and utility functions useful for the JavaScript SDKs.
  • php-utils: A set of helpers and utility functions useful for the PHP SDKs.

Community 💙

First and foremost: Star and watch this repository to stay up-to-date.

Also, follow our Blog, and on Twitter.

You can chat with the team and other members on Discord and follow our tutorials and other video material at YouTube.

Treblle Discord

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Treblle on Twitter

How to contribute

Here are some ways of contributing to making Treblle better:

  • Try out Treblle, and let us know ways to make Treblle better for you. Let us know here on Discord.
  • Join our Discord and connect with other members to share and learn from.
  • Send a pull request to any of our open source repositories on Github. Check the contribution guide on the repo you want to contribute to for more details about how to contribute. We're looking forward to your contribution!


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