A package to help you provide consistent error codes.

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API Error Codes

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A package to help you provide consistent error codes.


composer require treblle/error-codes


This package is easy to use, you can determine what Error Code you need. Then access the attributes attached to it.

use Treblle\ErrorCodes\Enums\ErrorCode;

$badRequest = ErrorCode::BAD_REQUEST;

$title = $badRequest->getDescription()->title; // Bad Request
$code = $badRequest->getDescription()->code; // HTTP_400
$link = $badRequest->getDescription()->link; //
$status = $badRequest->getDescription()->status; // 400


This package works very well with the treblle/api-responses package.

final class Handler extends ExceptionHandler
    public function register(): void
        $this->renderable(function (ModelNotFoundException $exception, Request $request) {
            $errorCode = \Treblle\ErrorCodes\Enums\ErrorCode::NOT_FOUND;
            return new ErrorResponse(
                data: new ApiError(
                    title: $errorCode->getDescription()->title,
                    detail: $exception->getMessage(),
                    instance: $request->path(),
                    code: $errorCode->getDescription()->code,
                    link: $errorCode->getDescription()->link,
                status: Status::NOT_FOUND,

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