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Hooks example for ke_search. Feel free to use this as a kickstarter for your own custom indexer or hooks.

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v5.0.0 2023-11-24 11:19 UTC

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ke_search_hooks contains an example for extending the TYPO3 ke_search with a custom indexer and other function using the hooks ke_search provides.

Please feel free to use it as a kickstarter for your own indexer.

If you find bugs or want to ask for a feature, please use

Note: This is the version for ke_search version 4 and above. (The namespace of ke_search has changed in version 4.)

Included examples

The hooks are registered in the file ext_localconf.php and point to the PHP class which implements the function itself.

  • Custom Indexer: Indexes records from the extension "News" (ext:news)
  • Hook for addtional content fields: Indexes additional fields from the tt_content table, e.g. the subheader
  • Hook for a check if a content element should be indexed at all
  • Hook to add a custom autosuggest provider (ke_search_premium feature)
  • Hook to add custom values to the result row partial
  • Hook to change the sorting
  • Hook to modify the values of the record which will be stored in the index
  • Hook for a custom filter renderer
  • Hook to register additional fields in the index table
  • Example for showing images of fe_users if you have implemented a fe_users indexer