A Laravel 5 package to automatically log attributes changes on any of your app models.

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A Laravel 5 package to automatically log attributes changes on any of your app models.

About package

This package is intended for tracking changes of your Eloquent models inside your Laravel application. A new DB table will be created and everytime a model attribute is updated an entry will be automatically created on the DB log table.


  • Laravel 5

Installation for Laravel 5.5 (package discovery support)

Install package using Composer.

$ composer require tpenaranda/model-log

Run migrations to create ModelLog table.

$ php artisan migrate

Installation for Laravel 5 to 5.4

Install package using Composer (

$ composer require tpenaranda/model-log

Add service provider and alias in config/app.php

    'providers' => [
    'aliases' => [
        'ModelLogEntry' => TPenaranda\ModelLog\ModelLogEntry::class,
        'ObservedByModelLog' => TPenaranda\ModelLog\Traits\ObservedByModelLog::class,

Run ModelLog command in order to create ModelLog DB table.

$ php artisan model-log:create-log-table


Add 'ObservedByModelLog' trait to your model and specify attributes you want to observe/track for changes.

class MyModel extends Model
    use \ObservedByModelLog

    protected $log = ['my_attribute', 'track_this_column_too'];

Now after every update on that model, observed attributes will be logged automatically. Use protected $log = 'all'; (notice the string, not array) to log any change.

Retrieve log entries:


Advanced usage

Retrieve log entries using query scopes:


Available scopes:

  • whereModel(<object>): Get logs of an specific Eloquent Model (example: get log data of MyModel ID #4).
  • whereModelClass(<string/object>): Get logs for an specific model class (example: get entries where MyModel class is involved, regardless of any IDs).
  • whereAttribute(<string>): Get only logs where some specific attribute was changed.
  • whereFrom(<string>): Get only logs with an specific initial value.
  • whereTo(<string>): Get only logs with an specific end value.
  • ModifiedByUser(<numeric/object>): Get changes done by some specific user. Allowed parameters: null, numeric IDs or User object.

The following scopes only accept Carbon objects as parameters:

  • loggedBefore(<Carbon object>): Retrieve only entries logged prior to specific date.
  • loggedAfter(<Carbon object>): Retrieve only entries logged after specific date.
  • withinDateRange(<Carbon object>, <Carbon object>): Retrieve only entries logged after first parameter and prior to second parameter.

Create (or drop and create) ModelLog table manually:

$ php artisan model-log:create-log-table

Flush ModelLog table: