Simple local Composer development that does not mess up your lock file.

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1.0.6 2020-06-10 07:57 UTC

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A workbench for Composer that allows you to symlink your "offline" packages without writing them to the composer.lock file.

!!Please note!! This package has only been tested on OS X. It should work fine for Linux, but probably not for Windows.


Workbench is a plugin for Composer and installs like so:

composer global require tormjens/workbench


Once installed you'll notice a workbench.json file in your root composer directory (create it if you can't find it). On a mac that's usually /Users/username/.composer.

The file should look like this:

  "paths": []

Inside the paths key you'll place the absolute paths to where your local packages are located. It will search using a glob so if you have many packages you may specify the "top level".

For example if you have packages at

  • /Users/username/packages/myfirstpackage
  • /Users/username/packages/mysecondpackage
  • /Users/username/packages/mythirdpackage

You would then only add the path /Users/username/packages and all of your packages would be found.

So your workbench.json would look like:

  "paths": [

Run Composer without Workbench

Some times, for various reasons, you may want to run composer install and other commands without triggering workbench. In that case you may prefix the command with WORKBENCH=0. This will deactivate Workbench for that run.

WORKBENCH=0 composer install


While Workbench solves the issue of your custom local packages not being written to your project's .lock file, it will not be able to detect local changes to your composer.json during install. Hence you'll need to push and update for every of those changes.