This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

RelateIQ API v2 client for Laravel & standalone projects.

dev-master / 0.1.x-dev 2018-05-29 20:34 UTC

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To get the latest version of RelateIQ Client simply require it in your composer.json file.

"torann/relateiq": "dev-master"

You'll then need to run composer install to download it and have the autoloader updated.

Laravel Setup

Once RelateIQ Client is installed you need to register the service provider with the application. Open up app/config/app.php and find the providers key.


There is no need to add the Facade, the package will add it for you.

Add RelateIQ to the Services Config

Open up app/config/services.php and add relateiq.

'relateiq' => array(
	'key'    => '66cfba7f741d645a488c0b21ebFAKE',
	'secret' => 'effd5216acac6314219ALSOFAKE',

RelateIQ Client Instance

$riq = new RelateIQ('66cfba7f741d645a488c0b21ebFAKE', 'effd5216acac6314219ALSOFAKE');
$contact = $riq->getContact('741d645a488c0b21eb');

For Laravel simple use the facade RelateIQ.

$contact = new RelateIQ::getContact('741d645a488c0b21eb');


Create a Contact newContact(:properties)

A POST request which creates a new Contact object and returns the created Contact with its new unique ID.


  • :properties Attributes that are comprised of a contact object in RelateIQ. The following attributes are supported through the API:
    • name
    • email (Required)
    • phone
    • address
    • company
    • title
    • twitter


$contact = RelateIQ::newContact(array(
    'name'    => 'John Doe',
    'email'   => '',
    'phone'   => '555-4454',
    'address' => '22 Hill Ave',
    'company' => 'Box Maker, Inc.',
    'title'   => 'Lead Taper',
    'twitter' => '@John4Boxes'

Get a Single Contact getContact(:id)

A GET request which pulls a specific Contact by ID, Email or Phone Number


  • :id The identifier for the Contact to be fetched.


$contact = new RelateIQ::getContact('741d645a488c0b21eb');

Get All Contacts getContacts()

A GET request which fetches a paginated collection of all Contacts in your Organization.


$contacts = new RelateIQ::getContacts();

Update a Contact

A PUT request which updates the details of a specific Contact.


$contact = new RelateIQ::getContact('741d645a488c0b21eb');
$contact->name = 'Sally Doe';

Change Log


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